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We can help you with hot water heater installation services in Augusta. Read on to learn more about some of the installation services we provide.

1. Water Heater Replacement

Today’s hot water heaters are more efficient than ever before. Our company offers water heater replacement for homeowners and business owners that need a new hot water heater or would like to upgrade to a more energy efficient model.

Water Heater Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners don’t understand that an older hot water heater might be one of the most costly appliances in your house to operate. Just as with heating systems and air conditioning systems, today’s hot water heaters are more efficient than ever. Cutting edge digital controls, much better insulation and lower cost of operation are just a few of the main reasons to switch out your old water heater with a modern one.

Before You Replace Your Water Heater

While looking for hot water heater replacements, it is essential to learn about the product. Here is some info about hot water heaters that is important to consider when making a purchase:

• Usually, the cheapest hot water heaters you can buy are the most expensive to run.
• Nearly all hot water heaters have a life span ranging from eight years to 12 to fourteen years, depending upon the type and home utilization.
• Heating your water is typically the third most costly energy expense in your home, typically taking up about 15% of your utility bill.
• Heaters that are from 9-12 years old probably have an efficiency of 50% or less.
• Many people buy a hot water heater based upon the size of the tank. But what is even more important is the “peak-hour demand capacity” or the first hour-rating (FHR) provided on the Energy Guide label.
• Your water is continually being heated up in the tank, so energy is consumed even if the hot water faucet is off This is referred to as “standby heat loss”.
• Modern, more energy-saving storage hot water heaters can significantly minimize standby heat loss, which means they are less costly to run.

Cold stings in the middle of otherwise warm streaming water, ice-cold showers, and varying hot water accessibility are all signs that your hot water heater needs repair. If any one of these situations sound familiar, then contact us and one of our experienced, certified plumbing service technicians will arrive at your door and will provide you with maintenance, servicing, and even installation services in order to get your hot water flowing again.

Our professionals are always working to exceed your expectations in whens it come to the excellent quality of service that we provide, our can-do mindset, and our commitment to giving you the best service at the most affordable price we can manage. Our clients trust us. Find out what they have to say by visiting our reviews page, and after that pick up the phone and give us a call.

Water Heater Replacement & Installation

The most frequent reason why your hot water tank may be deteriorating and malfunctioning is time. As units age they have the tendency to become more and more prone to issues and end up being in need of repair work. These complications, which can become more regular the older your hot water tank gets, can cause messy water spills on your floor, lead to water damage, or even leave you without access to hot water.

Timely repair work and maintenance are the easiest ways to avoid these problems, and booking routine maintenance appointments with us can also go a long way towards guaranteeing that your unit lasts as long as possible.

A tankless water heater uses a 1/3 to a ½ as much fuel than units with tanks, saving a typical Georgia family approximately $100 or even more per year, relying on water utilization. Tankless systems (likewise called instant, inline, instantaneous or on demand units) heat water only when you switch on the tap. They normally are fueled by electricity, natural gas, lp, or propane. Their major benefit is that they eliminate the extra expense of holding 30 to 50+ gallons of water hot in a tank, so you waste less fuel and money. They also offer a continuous supply of hot water, which is ideal for filling up hot tub or a whirlpool. They’re much more compact than a standard hot water heater and are mounted on a wall.

2. On Demand Water Heater Costs in Augusta

The key drawback of on demand or instantaneous water heaters is the initial price. The smaller units that you frequently see won’t generate adequate hot water to serve most homes. They will only serve one tap at once– an issue if you intend to shower while the dishwasher is running. Larger units that can manage the need of an entire family can be pricey.

Noritz tankless hot water heater installationDue to the fact that tankless systems have high-powered heaters, they also have unique air vent requirements (a singular, sealed vent system, which requires expert installation). Natural gas burners often require a bigger diameter gas supply line, which adds to the upfront setup price.

When you’re costing out a tankless system, make certain to ask for a quote or firm bid on installation expenses. This is not a do-it yourself project unless you have professional level skills. Your best option is to call us for a quote so we can help you get the right unit at the right cost for your install location.

Tankless hot water heater, also called on-demand hot water heater, are quite popular with forward-thinking house owners. A tankless hot water heater has no storage tank. Instead of slowly warming water in a storage tank and keeping the water in the storage tank warm, a tankless hot water heater only warms water that is called for and does so really fast . A lot of tankless hot water heaters produced today are high-efficiency, direct-vent, powervent units. While traditional tank water heaters are all very much alike, that cannot be claimed for tankless water heaters. They’re all very different.

3. Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps

Sewage Ejector and Grinder Pumps are devices that are employed when toilets are lower than the sewer line. When this takes place, waste has to be lifted as high as the sewer line so it can be unloaded into the sewer. These sewage ejector and grinder pumps are generally used in a house’s basement since the main sewer line is normally higher than the basement’s plumbing.

Today’s Grinder Pumps

New domestic grinders are considerably smaller than their older versions, and they will fit easily into a small sewer ejector pit. It uses 120v electrical power, which makes it ideal for residential use. The benefits of having a sewage ejector grinder pump for your property is that paper and other objects that are flushed into the toilet are ground down to a fine pulp to help flow through the sewage pipes more effortlessly. Foreign objects that often times wind up in sewage pipes, including towels or diapers, will also be ground up, allowing it to be safely discharged into the drainage system without blocking the pipes.

Have you thought about just how much cold and warm water is wasted as it travels down the drain while you wait for hot water from your spout? We install hot water recirculation pumps at the water heater. What takes place is the pump primes the hot water line, that makes hot water run more quickly to all faucets and fixtures in your house. Call us today and we can schedule a service call so you can begin conserving water and getting the hot water you need quickly.


If your sump pump is experiencing a problem, we can help with emergency repairs and speedy, on-time same day service.


Protecting your home from water damage and dampness is an important investment to help avoid damage to your considerable investment (flooding often isn’t covered by a conventional home insurance policy).

We can show you the variety of sump pump alternatives and the best systems available , featuring pedestal and submersible units, electrical and pressure-powered, and battery-backups.

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4. We Install and Replace Kitchen Sinks and Waste Disposal Units

The very first step in guaranteeing total satisfaction with your kitchen plumbing system is to arrange your kitchen plumbing installation with our staff. Do you want a new kitchen sink installed? Let us know and we’ll go over your options with you. Need to integrate a new garbage disposal into your system? We install several of the finest product lines from the most reputable manufacturers.

Kitchen plumbing replacement units are an additional area where we stand out. When your sink plumbing fails, you may intend to keep the sink but will have to have the plumbing connected to it replaced. We will certainly switch out only those parts and components that are necessary and will get your sink back in place quickly. Need a new faucet? We can help you with that too.

5. Bathtub and Shower Faucet Installation

Bathroom faucet repair isn’t always feasible. We also know when isn’t cost effective to repair a faucet. There are always instances when it is more economical to replace faucets. New faucet installation may be required because of irreparable cracks in valve bodies or because your faucets are just too worn to work right anymore. Changing out faucets and other plumbing fixtures can transform your bath into an entirely new room. If you are thinking about a complete bathroom renovation, we can help! Our plumbing technicians are trained to have high attention to detail when mounting sinks, showers, faucets, and toilets. We can even install or repair a temperature control shower valve in your existing #city:t# shower.

6. Pipe Replacement and Installation

Whether it’s burst, split, leaking, or noisy, pipe that isn’t in excellent shape is a pipe that might significantly damage your house while squandering both your money and time. No one needs that, which is why we offer the most detailed suite of pipe replacement and also plumbing pipe repair remedies in Augusta and also the bordering towns.

Common Sources Of Pipes Damages

Pipe damages can originate from anywhere. A few of one of the most usual sources of pipe damage consist of:

Freezing or fast temperature level fluctuations
General corrosion
Physical damages
Too high water pressure
Improper setup
Low quality material
Long-term fractures

If you have a broken pipe, enlisting the solutions of a specialist plumber to fix the damages is the most effective method for you to not just repair your problem, but also to ensure your continuing safety. That’s why we hire only the finest skilled specialists not just to help fix damaged water pipes, but also to install brand-new ones as well.

Employ Qualified Plumber for Pipe Repair Service & Replacing Pipes

Plumbing is part of numerous remodeling jobs, whether the plan is to set up a little clean-up sink in a garage, a shower room addition or a full kitchen area remodel. Whether you are doing the remodel yourself or you are employing a contractor, you will need to choose about your pipes. A professional plumber will have the ability to assist you in selecting the most suitable plumbing piping for your Augusta job.

7. Signs You Need Toilet Replacement

A few signs are pretty apparent, for example, water all around the floor, or a toilet that refuses to drain or fill. Keep an eye out for these signs that you might need toilet repair:

• Water leaking from below the toilet.If you note a small bit of standing water around the base of your toilet, there’s a good chance the seal has become damaged. This can happen from wear or accident, but in either case a repair (or replacement) will be necessary.

• Reservoir won’t fill.The water reservoir on your toilet should always fill immediately after a flush. If the tank does not fill, then there might be an issue with the water supply.

• Excessive fill times. If it takes a prolonged amount of time for your tank to fill up, it’s probably that some components have worn out, and need to be fixed and or corrected.

• Frequent clogs. we’ve all likely experienced a clog every now and then. But when you get a toilet clog after every flush, it’s time to phone in for toilet repairs.

• Cracks or damage to toilet.If you note a crack to the porcelain, it is a smart idea to get in touch with our professionals about replacement. That damage may seem perfectly harmless, but over time, you will eventually see the split become a full-on break.

You’ve spent plenty of time in your home to notice anything strange. If any part of your plumbing breaks down, or changes its behavior in any way, it’s always in your best interest to contact a professional. Small toilet clogs or repair work can easily turn into major jobs or even a full replacement when ignored, so make certain to catch problems as soon as they arise!

Toilet Clog Repairs and Toilet Installation

Our team of Augusta professionals are very experienced providing you with the peace of mind that we know exactly what we’re doing!

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