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We can help you with garbage disposal installation services in Eatonton. Read on to learn more about some of the installation services we provide.

1. Hot Water Heater Replacement

Modern hot water heaters are more energy efficient than ever. We offer water heater replacement for homeowners and business owners that need a new water heater or would like to upgrade to a more energy efficient model.

Water Heater Efficiency

Many property owners don’t realize that an old hot water heater can be the most expensive appliances in your house to operate. As with furnaces and air conditioners, today’s hot water heaters are more efficient than ever. Cutting edge electronic controls, better insulation and lower cost of operation are just a few of the reasons to switch out your old water heater with a modern one.

Before You Replace Your Water Heater

While considering water heater replacements, it is essential to learn about the product. Here is some information about water heaters that is vital to think about when making a purchase:

• In most cases, the cheapest hot water heaters you can get are the most costly to operate.
• Most hot water heaters have a life expectancy varying between from eight years to twelve to 14 years, depending upon the type and home utilization.
• Heating your water is typically the third most costly energy expenditure in your home, typically consuming about fifteen percent of your utility bill.
• Heaters that are from nine to twelve years old most likely have an effectiveness of 50% or less.
• Most people buy a water heater based on the size of the tank. But what is even more critical is the information on the Energy Guide label concerning the first hour rating and “peak hour demand capacity”.
• The water is continually being heated up in the hot water tank, so energy is used even if the hot water tap is turned off This is referred to as standby heat loss.
• State-of-the-art, more energy-saving storage hot water heaters can greatly reduce standby heat loss, which signifies that they are less expensive to run.

Cold stings at the center of otherwise warm streaming water, freezing cold showers, and fluctuating hot water accessibility are all indicators that your water heater needs repair. If any one of these situations seem familiar, then give us a call and one of our experienced, certified plumbing service technicians will arrive at your doorstep and will provide you maintenance, servicing, as well as installation service in order to get your hot water working again.

Our service technicians are always working hard to exceed your expectations in whens it come to the high quality of service that we provide, our can-do mindset, and our dedication to giving you the best service at the lowest price we can achieve. Our customers trust us. See what they say by visiting our reviews page, and then grab the phone and give us a call.

Water Heater Replacement & Installation

The most frequent reason why your tank may be deteriorating and malfunctioning is the passage of time. As equipment ages they tend to become more and more susceptible to problems and become in need of repair work. These complications, which can become more frequent the older your hot water tank gets, can cause messy water spills on your floor, lead to water damage, and even leave you without access to hot water.

Timely repair work and maintenance are the simplest ways to minimize these issues, and booking routine maintenance appointments with us can also go a long way towards ensuring that your unit operates as long as possible.

A tankless water heater utilizes a third to a half less fuel than water heaters with storage tanks, saving a normal Georgia approximately $100 or even more annually, depending upon water usage. Tankless units (also called on demand, instant, inline, or instantaneous systems) warm water only when you turn on the faucet. They normally are fueled by electricity, natural gas, lp, or propane. Their major benefit is that they wipe out the additional cost of holding 30 to 50+ gallons of water hot in a storage tank, so you waste less fuel and money. They also supply a continual supply of heated water, which is excellent for filling up jacuzzi or a whirlpool. They’re much more compact than a common water heater and mount on a wall.

2. On Demand Hot Water Heater Prices in Eatonton

The primary negative aspect of on demand or instant water heaters is the initial expense. The smallest sized units that you typically see will not generate adequate heated water to serve most houses. They will only supply one faucet at once– an issue if you want to shower while the dishwasher is running. Bigger systems that can handle the need of an entire household can be pricey.

Noritz tankless hot water heater installationDue to the fact that tankless systems have high-powered heaters, they also have unique air vent needs (a singular, secured air vent system, which requires expert setup). Gas burners commonly need a bigger diameter gas pipe, which adds to the initial installation price.

When you’re costing out a unit, make certain to get a quote or firm bid on installation costs. This is not a DIY job unless you have pro-level abilities. Your best choice is to phone us for a quote so we can help you get the right unit at the right cost for your install location.

Tankless hot water heater, also known as on-demand hot water heater, are quite popular with forward-thinking property owners. A tankless water heater has no storage tank. Rather than gradually heating water in a tank and keeping the water in the storage tank warm, a tankless water heater only heats up water that is needed and does so extremely quickly. A lot of tankless hot water heaters produced today are high-efficiency, direct-vent, powervent units. While conventional tank water heaters are all somewhat alike, that cannot be stated for tankless hot water heaters. They’re all extremely different.

3. Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps

Sewage Ejector and Grinder Pumps are units that are used when toilets are located below the sewer pipes. When this takes place, waste must be lifted as high as the sewer line so it can be unloaded into the sewage system. These sewage ejector and grinder pumps are typically used in a house’s basement since a main sewage line is normally higher than the basement’s plumbing.

Modern Grinder Pumps

New residential grinders are considerably smaller than their older versions, and they will fit easily into a small sewer ejector pit. It uses 120v electrical power, that makes it ideal for home usage. The advantages of having a sewer ejector grinder pump for your property is that paper and other objects that are flushed into the toilet are ground up to a fine pulp in order to flow thru the sewage pipes more efficiently. Foreign objects that often times wind up in sewage pipes, including towels or diapers, will likewise be ground up, allowing it to be safely discharged into the drainage pipes without blocking the pipes.

Have you thought about just how much cold and warm water is lost as it goes down the drain when you wait for hot water coming from your spout? We put in hot water recirculation pumps at the hot water heater. What takes place is the pump primes the hot water line, that makes hot water run more quickly to all faucets and fixtures in your house. Call us today and we can schedule an appointment so you can begin conserving water and getting the hot water you need quickly.


If your sump pump is experiencing an issue, we can help with emergency repairs and speedy, on-time same day service.


Protecting your home from water damage and wetness is an important investment to help prevent damage to your considerable investment (flooding often isn’t covered by a standard home insurance policy).

We can explain the range of sump pump options and the best systems available , featuring pedestal and submersible units, electrical and pressure-powered, and battery-backups.

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4. We Install and Replace Kitchen Sinks and Waste Disposal Units

The very first step in guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with your kitchen plumbing equipment is to arrange your kitchen plumbing installation with our staff. Do you want a different kitchen sink installed? Let us know and we’ll cover your options with you. Need to incorporate a new garbage disposal into your system? We have installed some of the finest product lines from the most reputable companies.

Kitchen plumbing replacements are an additional area where we stand out. When your sink plumbing fails, you may want to keep the sink but will need to have the plumbing connected to it changed. We will certainly replace only those sections and components that are necessary and will get your sink back in position promptly. Need a new faucet? We can really help you with that too.

5. Bathtub and Shower Faucet Installation

Bathroom faucet repair isn’t always feasible. We know when it is NOT budget-friendly to fix your faucet. There are generally times when it is more economical to replace faucets. Brand new faucet installation may be necessary because of irreparable cracks in valve mechanisms or because your faucets are just too worn to work right anymore. Changing out faucets and other plumbing fixtures can transform your bath into an entirely new room. If you are considering a complete bathroom renovation, we can help! Our plumbing service technicians are trained to have unstinting attention to detail when mounting sinks, showers, faucets, and toilets. We can even install or repair a temperature control shower valve in your existing #city:t# shower.

6. Pipe Replacement and Installation

Whether it’s burst, split, leaky, or noisy, pipe that isn’t in perfect condition is a pipe that could drastically damage your residence while squandering both your money and time. No one needs that, which is why we provide the most thorough suite of pipe replacement and also plumbing pipe repair remedies in Eatonton as well as the bordering cities.

Common Causes of Pipes Damage

Pipe damages can originate from anywhere. Some of the most common sources of pipeline damages include:

Freezing or quick temperature changes
General rust
Physical damages
High water pressure
Inappropriate setup
Low quality product
Long-term cracks

If you have a busted pipe, enlisting the services of an expert plumber to repair the damages is the most effective method for you to not just fix your problem, but also to ensure your continuing safety. That’s why we employ just the finest qualified professionals not just to help fix damaged water pipes, but also to install brand-new ones too.

Work With Qualified Plumbing Professional for Pipe Repair & Replacing Pipes

Plumbing becomes part of several renovating jobs, whether the plan is to install a little clean-up sink in a garage, a bathroom addition or a total kitchen area remodel. Whether you are doing the remodel yourself or you are working with a remodeling contractor, you will need to make decisions concerning your pipes. A professional plumber will have the ability to guide you in choosing the most suitable plumbing piping for your Eatonton job.

7. Signs You Need Toilet Replacement

A few signs are pretty obvious, including water all around the floor, or a toilet that refuses to drain or fill. Keep an eye out for these signs that you might need toilet repair:

• Water leaking from under the toilet.If you note a slight bit of standing water around the bottom of your toilet, there’s a good chance the seal has become damaged. This can happen from wear or accident, but either way a repair (or replacement) will be in order.

• Tank won’t fill up.The water tank on your toilet should always fill up immediately after a flush. If the tank does not fill, then there might be an issue with the water supply.

• Excessive fill times. If it takes a prolonged amount of time for your toilet tank to fill up, it’s very likely that some components have worn out, and have to be serviced and or adjusted.

• Frequent clogs. we’ve all likely experienced a clog at one time or another. But when you get a toilet clog after every flush, it’s time to call us for toilet repair.

• Cracks or damage to toilet.If you note a crack to the porcelain, it is a smart idea to get in touch with our professionals about replacement. That fracture may seem harmless, but over time, you will eventually see the split become complete break.

You’ve spent enough time in your house to notice anything unusual. If any aspect of your plumbing acts up, or changes its behavior in any way, it’s advisable to contact a professional. Small toilet clogs or fixes can easily turn into major jobs and even a full replacement when ignored, so be sure to catch problems as soon as they arise!

Toilet Clog Repairs and Toilet Installation

Our team of Eatonton qualified service pros are very experienced providing you with the peace of mind that we know precisely what we’re doing!

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